Acoustic Foam Bass Trap Sharp Front – Colors




Electric Green | Electric Blue | Purple | Electric Orange | Red | Burgundy | Ivory | Latte | Grey | Charcoal | Royal | Blue | Black

Our highly affordable Bass Traps are designed in order to completely eliminate any problems associated with low frequency sound waves, which tend to gather in those tricky areas of a room.

They are triangular shaped to fit perfectly into wall and ceiling junctures, while leaving space for the essential “sound gap” or cavity. To provide our customers with the best possible value, the StudioPro series of bass traps is packaged in pairs.

1000mm H

Minimum order 4

Waiting Period 5-10 working days

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Electric Green, Electric Blue, Purple, Electric Orange, Red, Burgundy, Ivory, Latte, Grey, Charcoal, Royal, Blue, Black