Acoustic Foam 4″ Pyramid Foam 500x500x60mm (Multiple colors)



Acoustic Foam 4″ Pyramid Foam

500x500mm  (60mm thick) cuts.

High Density.

R449 each On special for R399-00 each

Minimum order 12x

Waiting Period 5-10 Working days


Electric Green | Electric Blue | Purple | Electric Orange | Red | Burgundy | Ivory | Latte | Grey | Charcoal | Royal | Blue | Black

4″ Pyramid Foam panels like our wedge foam, is a long-lasting, high-performance solution to treating small to medium-sized areas such as vocal booths, control rooms and studios. Pyramid foam’s unique design however offers slightly different performance characteristics than our Wedge-foam profile, due to an increased surface area.

In this way you can effectively treat across a full frequency bandwidth for virtually any acoustic environment.

Please note that the colors on our screen are not exactly the same as the colors once sprayed.

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Electric Green, Electric Blue, Purple, Electric Orange, Red, Burgundy, Ivory, Latte, Grey, Charcoal, Royal, Blue, Black