Acoustic Foam Bass Trap Tri-corner Sharp Front – Colors



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Electric Green | Electric Blue | Purple | Electric Orange | Red | Burgundy | Ivory | Latte | Grey | Charcoal | Royal | Blue | Black

Given the choice, acousticians will always employ corner treatments for proper acoustic sound control. This is primarily due to the way sound propagates inside a room, whereby the walls and ceiling act as waveguides that drive sound to the corners where it gathers. Corner traps a positioned high, up into the tri-corner where the walls and ceiling intersect for maximum efficiency.

Made from our formulated Soniksfoam, Corner Traps deliver exceptional sound absorption. They are designed to create an air cavity behind the face for control over those problematic low-mid frequencies. They are a must for professional studios, and are an exciting addition to any music professional’s work space. These traps are sold in singular units.


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Electric Green, Electric Blue, Purple, Electric Orange, Red, Burgundy, Ivory, Latte, Grey, Charcoal, Royal, Blue, Black