Recording Studio Services


Alpha Audio Productions provides recording and Mixing services.

We work with all different genres.

Our objective is to work with you towards the obtainment of your ideal sound.

The mixing takes place in a control room, equipped for the most comfortable listening experience.

Our studio is also set to 5.1 surround sound for films and commercials.

Our love for music and sound that has shaped our lives as musicians and engineers for the last decade drives us towards musical “perfection”.

We aim at giving our refined works an international value.


At Alpha Audio we offer Live Recording.Our Booth is designed to make the artists feel comfortable during their live performance assuring at the same time the highest quality of sound.


Alpha Audio provides Mastering services, the last and indispensable step in the making of a track.Mastering a track means assuring the highest audio quality of the mixed tracks enhancing dynamics, volumes, stereophony and frequency contents.During the mastering phase the sound obtained during the mixing is further characterized and customized to assure a perfect reproduction on any audio support and system.


Alpha Audio offers audio Dubbing, Voiceover, Synchronization and Post-Production.The Dubbing can take place in natural or artificial sound settings.Contact us today for more info on live recordings in natural and artificial environments for the sonorization of short films, documentaries, films, commercials and video clips.Request an estimate for our Synchronization and Post-Production services. We work with pre-existing audio material.