Circle Ceiling Panels Foam



Acoustic Foam Circle Ceiling Foam (50mm Thick)

(1000mmØ, 75mm thick)

(666mmØ, 50mm thick)

High Density.

Minimum order 10x

Waiting Period 5-10 Working days


Electric Green | Electric Blue | Purple | Electric Orange | Red | Burgundy | Ivory | Latte | Grey | Charcoal | Royal | Blue | Black

Aureole panels are essential for when maximum treatment is required, particularly in environments with intense echo. High ceilings and reflective floor surfaces can be a factor, as well as a high concentration of people within a confined area. These factors are taken into consideration when deciding how best to treat each environment by spacing them apart to create the desired absorption and cancellation points along any ceiling area.

Aureole panels provide a clean & elegant acoustic finish to their host environments and so have become very popular with professionals in the Interior design and Architecture industry.


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Electric Green, Electric Blue, Purple, Electric Orange, Red, Burgundy, Ivory, Latte, Grey, Charcoal, Royal, Blue, Black


(1000mmØ, 75mm thick), (666mmØ, 50mm thick)