Acoustic Foam Bevelled Edge Abzorba Tile Shape (50mm Thick) Multiple Colors



Acoustic Foam Bevelled Edge Tile Shape (50mm Thick)

500x500mm  (50mm thick) cuts.

High Density.

R399 each (Grey) on special for R350-00

Minimum order 10x

Waiting Period 5-10 Working days


Electric Green | Electric Blue | Purple | Electric Orange | Red | Burgundy | Ivory | Latte | Grey | Charcoal | Royal | Blue | Black

These panels are a great solution for treating acoustics associated with ambient noise. These panels offer great absorption of mid to high frequencies. Whether it be a board room seeking more privacy, noisy offices with telephones ringing or church halls with too much echo, Abzorba tiles are a quick & easy treatment for all. Abzorba tiles can also be ordered in larger custom sized units from a sheet 1910 x 2300mm. Contact us for adjustments.

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Electric Green, Electric Blue, Purple, Electric Orange, Red, Burgundy, Ivory, Latte, Grey, Charcoal, Royal, Blue, Black